B29 "Doc" Aerial Photos

On April 8, 2023 we took a family flight on Doc the B29 over Cheney. This was the first plane ride ever for my daughters and one of the coolest experiences of my life. Enjoy!

Family ride on Doc!

Chelsea in the master gunner seat

Looking West over dam

Marina and East ramp area

Heimerman campground

M&M campground

M&M campground

Wichita Point M&M campground

Red Bluffs

Looking South at Wichita Point and M&Mcampgrounds

Party CoveĀ 

Floating Bridge on Yoder Rd

North end of the lake looking South along West shore

Wichita Point campground and Mr D's ramp area

Lakeview and Heimerman

Mr D's ramp area

View from master gunner seat

The pleasure was all mine Doc. Thank you!

Flight path, altitutde, and speed