Mr D's

Lowell Dennison owned and operated several Mr D's grocery stores throughout Wichita and surrounding areas. On Nov 22, 1965 he opened Mr D's Jr at Cheney Lake. This was the first marina built at Cheney and it boasted a grocery store, 3 fuel pumps, and bait shop. He sold everything a fisherman or lake goer would need. He also sponsored many fishing tournaments and other lake related events during his time as owner. In 1968 Lowell sold his Mr D's Jr, but the business carried the name for many years. The boat ramp just west of here still carries his name to this day.

Behind Mr D's sat the Cedarview restaurant which was named after the Cedarview housing addition it was located by. It was originally owned by Gayle Allen, then later by Matt Eck. It changed names and owners quite a few times over the years, but was most famously called the Dry Dock Inn. It became known for it's rowdy night scene and live music. Many bands played here over the years including Sawdust Charlie who recorded a live album here. Towards the end of it's life the restaurant was called Muddy Waters and known for serving mountain oysters.

The bait shop building was torn down first (year unknown). The restaurant was torn down in 2016 when Cheney Lake Storage was built. The grocery story building was torn down in 2021 when an addition was added to the storage building.

1968 shot of Mr D's and the Cedarview Restaurant. Note the Mr D's sign over the gas pumps in front of the restaurant

1982 aerial shot of Mr D's. The restaurant is now named the Dry Dock Inn. The fuel pumps are now gone from in front of the restaurant, but the fuel island is still there.

Google street view from 2007. Note the white pitched roof that was built over the top of the original flat roof

Google street view from 2007

2009 photos

2009 photos

2009 photos

2009 photos

2009 photos

2009 photos

2009 photos

2009 photos

2021 photo with Cheney Lake Storage standing where the restaurant once did and the abandoned Mr D's in front

The abandoned Mr D's building in 2021

Google maps showing Cheney Lake Storage and the abandoned Mr D's building

The Mr D's day use area & boat ramp sign

Present day taken from the same spot as the 1968 photo

Cheney Lake Storage as it stands today

1966 ad

1969 ad

Sawdust Charley recorded this album at the Dry Dock in 1977

1977 sales ad

1979 ad in the "night life" section of the Wichita Eagle

1980 wanted posting for waitress