1962 Aerials

This post on #TheHistoryUnderCheney takes to the sky on Dec 14, 1962. The dam had been under construction 260 days when these pictures were taken. It is believed that they were taken by the Department of Agriculture, most likely for the purpose of mapping and documenting the state.

The picture of the west shore you can see where they noted elevations and the area where they dredged out to use as fill dirt for the dam. Cheney was originally built to be 80ft deep, but due to major flooding 2 years after being built, it silted in and today is about 40ft at the deepest point. The elevation of the dam is 1454 feet. Enjoy!

East shore area. The red arrow points to the Titan II missile silo that was operational from 1962 - 1986. This is why the road was named Titan Rd.

West shore area. At the bottom of the picture you can see 21st street bring routed around the area where the Cheney Dam will sit.

Interesting note on this picture showing the area that was dredged out as fill dirt for the dam. 

This image is 30+ aerials stitched together and shows the entire dam construction

The intersection at the lower right is 21st and M&M rd