Pleasant Hill Cemetery

This Memorial weekend edition of #TheHistoryUnderCheney has to do with folks in this area that have passed on.

The first stop is Pleasant Hill Cemetery on the West side of the lake. It once carried the nickname Burch Cemetery after Lorenzo Burch who owned the land it was built on. After walking it this morning, I realized just how many children are buried here. Even the land owner, Burch, has an infant child here. There are veterans from both the Civil and World wars here that all have military markers by their tombstone. The earliest birth date in here is 1810 and the earliest death date is 1852. Shoutout to whoever maintains this cemetery. It's very well kept!

The 2nd stop is the 1902 township map which shows unmarked graves 3 miles west of Pleasant Hill which is now just off Wichita Point. I have so many questions... Do these graves pre-date Pleasant Hill? Why did they bother listing them on this 1902 township map? Were these Indian graves? Were they moved when the lake was built? I've scoured the earth trying to find information about these with zero luck. If you know anything about this please let us know!

The dark green valley in the background of the 1955 picture is now where the lake sits